Need Help for Spark Max and Neo Motors

I am a member of the FRC Team 6424 coding and controls team. We are trying to use the Spark Max and Neo motors to move an arm specific position using the integrated encoder. We are unable to figure out how all that jazz and stuff works and need someones help to maneuver through the third party Rev Robotics code blocks for LabVIEW. Our Spark Max firmware is all up to date and we need explanations of how to use the third party code cooperatively with the Spark Max Client software to control the motors. Please help! Thank you.

@Jacob_Baily have you tried using the LabVIEW’s Context Help? (Ctrl + H)

After bringing up the window, you can hover the functions in the functions palette, as well as items in both the front panel and block diagram for detailed explanations on what they do and how they work.


Yes, we’ve gotten that far but are still struggling to figure out where to go next with configuring the sensor. We want to get positions from the NEO encoder and pre-program the arm to go to the desired position. There is no configure sensor block like the Talon SRX’s that we used last year to set up the encoders and use them to create moves on the arm. Has anyone figured out how to do that? If so please help us out.

@Jacob_Baily apparently REV just posted some examples that could help you move forward: SPARK-MAX-Examples/LabVIEW at master · REVrobotics/SPARK-MAX-Examples · GitHub

I hope that helps!

Looks like the Position Closed Loop Control may help. They didn’t help with much of the math part go get you converting or understanding what their units are. In the context help they say that the Position unit is rotations so I would guess that they are handling the 42 counts per rev under the hood for you, but this is probably a test it out and see type of thing :frowning: