Need help! FRC2826 Wave Robotics 2016 Mecanum Drive!

Hello everyone we need your help!

We are an 8th year team and are really trying to improve from our last years performance. We really think our drive has a good shot of overcoming the obstacles.

We thought that 20" wheels would work well for us.

Please let us know if you think this is legal and a good idea.

I think the wheel pods are an excellent idea and mechanum is perfect for this game.

This reminds me very much of the scorpion tank from Halo, which is a perfect vehicle for traversing rough terrain.

Image for Reference

See you on Einstein!

Ye, you guys sure have a lot to improve on from last year. you were awful

Nah. I think you need even bigger wheels. I think I might have read a rule you need 2 foot wheels. And some swerve mecanums would help too.

You might want to check the control system rules otherwise looks legal to me.

But the bumpers! Think about the bumpers!

Thank you for bringing some amusement while us on the upper east coast are snowed in for the weekend…:slight_smile:

needs suspension!

Quite impressive! Looks pretty slow, although if you actually went with 20" mecanums you could boast being the only mecanum robot this year.

I will take your steak bet sir stating that there will not be any mecanum robots this year.

I prefer medium-rare

Tyler, your progress with mecanum (mechenim?) is astounding with regards to your resources. However, maybe you want to consider making a simpler robot that can be reliably operated if you want to break through and make it to Einstein some day.

One thing I would caution you on is that it appears you are using the gaming router from 2009 in your robot. While it was no doubt part of an undeniably successful control system rollout over 7 years ago, we since have undergone multiple changes to the radios. The newer Wi-Fi radios now connect in under a minute (a vast improvement from the 2008 and earlier radios that gave almost instant connections, depriving us of any drama from field reset). Also you should paint your PDB black.

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Man you guys have a short build season…

We’re 100% mentor built.

I’m always impressed with the actors you guys find for the competitions. Your ‘students’ always seem to know how the robot works. It’s very inspiring!

First off all your robot from last year sucked. You failed at making the most simple robot design ive ever seen. I’m surprised you passed inspection. But…

Makeynum wheels look like da purfect choice for dis game.

One cristizimsn those wheels are not big enough. To get over the obstacles you want at least 80" wheels. I Hurd u can buy them at your Lokal tractor store.

Great robot tho excited to see you guys. Mb you will get to world’s. And one day if you keep tryin you can go to Einstein.

Just think how much better it would work if the Mecanum wheels were installed correctly!

This is a no brainer, of course you guys should go with 20" mecanum wheels! Opponent’s defenses will shriek in fear once they see this perfect defense damaging drive-train.

You need to make the rubber on the rollers thinner and then mount them on spinner-wheel hubs.

Thank you for your input. We have some disagreements when it comes to the true power of mecanum… but otherwise I have to say you make some very valid points. We have tried to get more student engagement but all they want to do is look at pictures of cats with something about 'haz chezbrgr"…

The choice of mecanum isn’t a big deal compared to scouting. You need to find a high ranked team and beg them to pick you, that way you can be on the best alliance. Although, now that I think about it, they are probably more likely to pick you if they see your great mecanum drivetrain, so that’s probably a good idea.

I literally can’t tell if this post is a joke or completely serious. :confused: :confused: