Need help! FRC2826 Wave Robotics 2016 Mecanum Drive!

Are you sure you want to post your design this early in the build season? What if someone else steals your idea?

So after a long strategic review I have come to this conclusion.
Why not make this a mecHanum drive?
If you used those wheels and in the center perpendicular to the wheels added a 20 inch powered drop omni wheel and a gyro you could easily have an unpushable drive base. If anyone pushed your sides you could push back with the omni wheel which should EASILY have enough force to handle itself in this years game.

You guys are so scrub tier. 8 inch pneumatic tire swerve. That’s what pros use, yo. :wink: lol

“Uploaded on December 10th, 2009”

Shhhhh you’re ruining it…

Wait…how…? :confused: Was this planned for 7 years? Is there a trick?

Does that count for posting before kickoff?

The upload date is just a trick. They actually took 7 years to build it :wink:

So your strategy is to simply drive over the low bar? That’s thinking outside the box!

I have to say, though, that a robot that could just drive over the Cheval de Frise without even caring would be pretty impressive.

Also, clearly the reason his “student” actors are so well versed in the robot is because the mentors spend at least 6 weeks coaching them on the ins and outs of the robot.

I got a tip that the “actor theory” is just a cover up for the real reason their “students” know how the robot works. The mentors use polyjuice potion and they just find some random kids to transform into.

Totally seems legit. We’re all just a bunch of hoodwinked muggles. Wave Robotics, eh? The only thing that team is waving is WANDS.

Magic totally explains how they could fit that robot inside a 120" frame perimeter. And how they posted video of this year’s robot back in 2009. And they used time turners to finish the robot so quickly and… it all fits man. That has to be it.

This is such a great idea that we would like to collaborate with you. You build us another chassis like this one – even better, build four so we can keep practicing after bag day. We will build bumpers and LED strings for you.

As for legality, both teams will need to fundraise like crazy so we can send all of the LRIs, FTAs, Head Refs, and other knowledgeable volunteers on expense paid trips to an exotic location devoid of connectivity, so we can pass inspection and avoid penalties.

I heard Sealand is accepting visitors.

WAVE does it again by thinking outside the box. Please pick us in Milwaukee so we can share the ride to victory again. Our team requests that you keep you web page and build log up to date. It’s hard for us to design and borrow your ideas when you are not current on your build log. Sending all your CAD files via email would be greatly appreciated. No rush on the files. We have been inspired by the “build a robot in 3 days” videos. We plan on starting in three weeks. We have plans for the kids until then. We’re headed to China in pursuit of 8" pneumatic tires. We plan on buying the rest of the world’s supply of tires and holding the tires at a secret location till the first week of competition. Please do not ruin our plans by persuading everyone to use Mecanums.

I thought that too, but then noticed the independent drive power, so they can spin one wheel at a time. So it’s not important which way they are mounted

Talk about burnin’ rubber:yikes:.

Psh. Only pneumatic swerve mecanum treads will do.

When I actually just made one of those… Pictures to come tomorrow. You beat me to my official unveiling.:yikes:

*disclaimer: not helping just a comment…

Wait you want to improve on last years performance? You were finalists on Einstein so I would be astounded to see you top that (but seriously good luck)