Ok people… greeting from Team 3692 in the heart of Wisconsin. We have something HUGE planned this season that is going to involve a huge new marketing campaign, the attempt to get a HUGE new sponsor for US FIRST, and access to celebrity spokespeople and media attention like none of us have every imagined… (We’ve already begun talks with David Letterman and some other key media outlets about this idea).

Right now we aren’t ready to release the details… (They will be coming during the Wisconsin Regional March 22nd-24th) along with a bunch of facebook updates, and some you tube videos along the way… The trick is for this to work we need help from EVERY US FIRST TEAM… Get your friends, your family, and everyone you know to like our facebook page and keep up with the weekly updates and youtube videos we are going to be putting out… the trick to making this work is getting this thing to go viral…

That’s some pretty cryptic information there… but I liked the page on Facebook. I’m definitely curious as to what it could be.

Cryptic… but so worth it if this works!!! Not to mention it will really show the world what FIRST can do if we all combine our voices together into one beautiful chorus!

If you’re trying to make something about FIRST go viral, then “like” FIRST on facebook. Liking a team won’t do anything, and having it go viral will do the same. If it really is a huge marketing campaign, and you’ve been talking to people you say you’re talking to, then talk to Dean Kamen and try and get this mass viralness of FIRST worked out with him, or at least the marketing section of FIRST headquarters.

All in all, I honestly don’t think this is worth investigating into until you provide more information.

Also you should probably stop referring to this as US FIRST. We are part of an international competition.

Agreed! One of the big things in FIRST is going global.

Agreed… just dealing with mentally getting used to referring to things as FIRST… :slight_smile:

As for whats coming. It really can and will be a big deal! but everyone needs to get on board. Dean and FIRST coporate will be on board with the plan once we release all the details.

If we can all pull together and shout out this message in one collective loud voice it will get FIRST a really big new sponsor and access to media and marketing like nothing before it!

As for liking the facebook page, it’s a start… the youtube video’s will be the most important thing to go viral, but the more people that like the facebook page and view the youtube videos (when released) the more it gets larger and larger media outlets interested in the story. Also the more people it gets aware of FIRST, so hopefully everyone comes around and starts to spread the word.

I do admit it’s kind of disappointing to see the lack of gracious professionalism on here in the skeptics, at least from the perspective of even if you don’t think it’s going to work Team 3692 asked for help in people liking it’s facebook page, and a few people responding the 30 seconds of time it would take to like a fellow teams facebook page is a bit disheartening.

Does bring up a quick point though… any FIRST team that reads this… Go “LIKE” the FIRST facebook page… :slight_smile:

I’m a little skeptical about this, but I can understand what you are trying to do here. If you would like some finance or business interview tips I could help you with that.

The only reason anyone may and do have skepticism is because you’re not telling us what it is. We want to help, but there’s no signing up for something we don’t know. If this were a robot release, then I’d understand why you’d keep it secret, but if it’s something in the best interest of FIRST, and you want people to help you, then you need to tell us what we’re in for.

FRC is an international competition but the company is US FIRST, so the OP is correct.

The way you are projecting this whole thing seems incredibly odd. You sound more like a car salesman then a person who has a big plan for FIRST.
Like SuperNerd said, why does this scheme have to be shrouded from us? You’re asking us to blindly listen to someone who has a lot of big talk but no evidence that its legitimate. I’l like the page, because honestly it won’t do much harm either way… but if this is just a way to get likes then i would suggest a more honest approach.

Sorry if this sounded harsh, but i’m trying to put things into perspective.

After a bit more thought, i am even less trusting of this. If this idea is so important and big why would it be presented in this way?
The fact that you used the word huge three times in a single sentence…
That the title of this thread is in all caps…
The fact that this is centered around getting everyone to like your teams Facebook page.
It screams unprofessional, and that’s the opposite that it should have been presented if these big claims are true.

You’re asking people to blindly support something and refusing to talk anything specific. You’re calling out members of Chief Delphi as being “un-GP” for not Like-ing a Facebook page on the vague promise that if they do, they’ll somehow be a part of some non-specific viral action that you can’t talk about. Take off the FIRST googles for a second and look at this as if someone were presenting this to you as a member of the public. I bet it would look sketchy to you too.

There are many valid reasons to not talk about plans prematurely, especially if they are on the scale you are implying. But one of the tradeoffs of having to keep secrets is that you’re going to alienate naturally skeptical people.

My perspective is a little tainted - I’m very aware of multiple non-obvious incentives to go viral as a Facebook page and Youtube channel owner, so I’m naturally guarded toward that sort of thing. I wish you the best of luck in what you accomplish, both virally for FIRST and as a robotics team from Janesville. (I’m actually originally from Clinton myself!)

So I take it that my help in liking this Facebook page is not welcome as I live outside of the US?

Having had a look at the website, nowhere is US FIRST used - except in their website name

A few pieces of advice:

Stop using all caps on your page. It’s obnoxious and looks like amateur hour, regardless of how “huge” your campaign may be.

Referring to FIRST as US FIRST isn’t going to get you far.

Your slogan is not original-either FIRST or someone speaking about FIRST came up with this years ago. Doesn’t mean it’s not good, but representing it as your own is somewhat disingenuous.

This has a very odd vibe to it…

I sent a nice Nigerian Prince $1000 the other day- He said he has an oppertunity to generate me mass profits and that it will be an oppertunity I can’t miss! I am eagerly awaiting his reply I will be rich beyond my wildest dreams very shortly!

Trying to garner support for a cause before you tell anyone what it is? You will be much better off to wait a few weeks until after you release the details. Then you may be more successful. You have to remember you are comming from a very young team with 11 posts under your username. We don’t know much about your creditability or really who you are. I do however admire your effort. I’ll wait to hear what this oppertunity is before I support it.

You have to look deep in order to find it. The legal documents on the site (e.g. financial statements) consistently give the official name of the organization as “United States Foundation for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”. The preferred name is merely FIRST®.

You need to consult this page on the FIRST website:

Using the term USFIRST is incorrect.

From the FIRST “Branding and Design Standards”:

“FIRST® owns valuable assets in the form of trademarks
and copyrights. Before using FIRST assets, including
names, logos, graphics, and written material, please review our
“Policy on the Use of FIRST Trademarks and
Copyrighted Materials” (includes FIRST and
The LEGO Group Intellectual Property).
The Policy is available on our website