need help from an atlanta team

I forgot my bag on the marta and they now have my bag. But I can’t get there to pick it up because i’m about to get on a plane. So I was hoping that someone from a near by team would be willing to help me by picking it up and shipping it to me. I will cover all the costs of course. I just want my bag back.

hey, im in atlanta, and i think my team could help you out, please reply with the essential info i need to get your bag.

I’m not totally sure where the bag is right now. I believe it is in root to the lost and found at five points, but I’m not 100% sure.

I’ll make sure that is correct when the lost and found opens tomorrow morning.

Thanks a bunch

ok keep me posted

will do:D

hey man… that really stinks about loosing your bag… but keep one thing in mind… private message about this… don’t give out personal information over public posts on CD

And although members of CD should be gracious enough with the information, I can’t say the same for others on the internet that know what google is and happen to use a good search term. You should probably remove it from your quoted posted also, to make sure if he comes back and removes it from the original post that it’s not here anymore.

Once this is resolved, a moderator should delete the post.
Google remembers forever it seems.

wasn’t even thinking when i put that up. thanks for pointing that out