Need Help, from high school students for research

I need a little help from the high school students here. I have a separate thread for the college students, mentors, engineers, teachers ……

I’m involved with a program at my University (University of Maryland: College Park) called Quest (Quality Enhancement Systems and Teams). It is a highly selective 3 year joint Engineering / Business / Computer Science program. Currently we only accept 46 students a year (which is out of ~1000 eligible students). We are expanding the program right now and looking to bring in more students next year. Quest is a very special program to me and it has greatly enhanced my FIRST experience since I have been in college. I’m currently working on a team to study community within the Quest program because the whole dynamic of the closeness of the program will change in the coming years. Mike Martus has said the past few years at the Web Hugs that it is important for us to continue to build the FIRST community and these boards is one of the central places for exchanging information.

How do you feel that these boards affect our FIRST community?

Thanks for your help, and good luck to everyone at the competitions.

If you have any questions about the program feel free to e-mail or pm me or look at the program site at