Need Help From New Jersey Teams

Hi. My name is Amanda and I am the leader of team 2458 from Gill St. Bernards school in Gladstone NJ. Our faculty advisor let me know last week that she did not know where our shipping crate is from last year and I started to track it down. (Last year our rookie year the robot was returned to our advisors room without the crate.) I assumed that Dr. V had the crate in storage but I learned that I was wrong this week. I was able to track down the crate and I learned that it had been thrown away.

We do not have the time or the resources to build a new one at the moment. We also have a maximum size robot. Does anyone have an extra one they would be willing to lend us for this season?

Try asking team 11, they might be able to help.

How could I contact them. Which shool are they from?

Hope it works out,

We don’t have a crate yet either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Given that most teams only keep one crate around, I would suggest you have the students write or present your story to a local lumberyard and hardware store and see if they would be willing to donate the material or give it to you at a discounted cost. But perhaps you’ll be fortunate enough to find a gracious FIRST team in the NJ area who has an extra. Please PM me if I can provide you with further pointers or be of assistance…

Once being on Team 11, I know that they can build a crate with the best of them…if there is someway you could get material donated, or supplied cheaply, I am sure MORT would gladly help you assemble it.

PM or IM me or for direct contact, email our mentors Ernie DiCicco and David Bodmer.

I’m sure we could help you guys build one in no time and if need be, somehow help you with materials. =)

Thanks for the references btw guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldn’t mind a couple more visitors at our shop either. Best of luck!

Thanks everyone. I contacted Dave Bodmer from Team 11 and he said that at the meeting tonight he would bring it up and see if he could help us. Thanks so much for all your help and hopefully we will be hearing from Mr. Bodmer really soon with good news.

Have you guys figured this out? If not let me know…

Bodmer is also a veteran mentor from team 56. He’s a very great guy. =)

Amanda let me know what other time your mentor can come to pick up more wood.

The stuff she picked up today can be disassembled and cut into the sizes you need for the crate.

IM me with anything else.

Hey guys, I know this is off topic but we need a little help as well,

Do any of you have a spare fisherprice motor sitting around we can have? We sort of messed one of ours up and there not available yet.

I think we might have a spare. Worse comes to worse we can take on off our old robot let me know.

Sorry, we are using ours, but F-P motors are available from AndyMark:

Finally! Ok never mind I did not see andymark started shipping them.