Need help getting started with Adobe Creative Cloud?

As part of the 2021 Kit of Parts, teams can now designate an Adobe Creative Cloud mentor. This mentor will receive a full license to Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Illustrator, video editing tools, and more.

We wanted to make you aware of another great resource: the Adobe Education Exchange. EdEx is chock full of student- and teacher-sourced content to help get the most of Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s got videos, examples, lesson materials, and a vibrant community that focuses on creativity in education.

Each FRC team’s lead mentor needs to invite a mentor to the Adobe Creative Cloud role in the Team Management portal. Once that happens, the mentor will receive a set of emails asking for approval, and once that’s done, they will get access to Adobe Creative Cloud within an hour or so. Please take advantage of this benefit today!


Thank you! This is much appreciated. i have selected my mentor and he is working on figuring out how to give students access. Does he have to login each time? How does he allow students to use the software?

Hi, and we’re delighted you’ve designated your Creative Cloud mentor.

The gift to the team is for your mentor. That mentor must sign in to Creative Cloud to use the software, using the ID they created when they accepted the grant from FIRST. The license is not for students as named users.

The mentor is free to install Creative Cloud on up to two machines at once, so they could log in on two machines and allow students to use those two machines. Know that any content that is created and stored in Creative Cloud will be attached to the mentor’s account. This protects Adobe, FIRST and the mentor according to COPPA.

Adobe does give its Spark family of products free to any school who asks, so if you are associated with a school, have your IT lead contact their Adobe reseller and ask for the free Spark. Spark has tools that allow anyone to tell compelling stories with video, make single page web sites, and create social media content. It’s pretty awesome, and great for getting the team’s story out!

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Can you provide a better description (or screenshot) of how to designate an Adobe Creative Cloud mentor? I’ve looked through our team dashboard but haven’t seen an option for it.

Happy to help.

The Lead Mentor needs to invite a person to the role. This sounds weird, since the person may already be a team mentor, but it’s the right thing to do!

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