Need Help In Connecting Accelerometer

I have an accelerometer and gyro on the same board (photo below…), but I don’t know how to connect them.
I think the model of the accelerometer is ADXL345 and about the gyro I don’t know the model.

Thanks :slight_smile:
NeatTeam #1943

TeamCodeOrange video:

3:56-6:06 gyro, uses PWM cable, connects to analog input

6:07-8:06 accelerometer (requires 4 PWM cables going to 4 PWM inputs on DSC, or a custom cable for plugging into I2C on DSC)

Thanks for the help!!

The ADXL345 example projects in LabVIEW have details on exactly how to wire it and exactly how to initialize and read values from it. I’ve only ever used the I2C communication, but I know it works, and it only uses four wires.

Has anyone seen a source for prefrabicated multidrop I2C cables?

What about SPI cables that can be attached to sidecar?

We used 2 PWM cables for our SPI device. One was oriented traditionally and had power, ground, and one signal for the device. The other was oriented horizontally and carried the other 3 signals.

If you want to use SPI in java, be sure to grab the class here:

will try that a little later this week.

Was wondering if anyone had cabled multiple devices to SPI or I2C, and how they fabricated cables.