Need Help Learning Programming, Urgently

Ok well our team’s programmer will not be attending the competition and hasn’t been getting what we needed done. I decided to step up as the new programmer but the only issue is the fact that our regional starts on the 27th and I have less then two weeks to learn a fair amount of LabVIEW to be able to meet our programming needs. Now, I wanted to know If anyone knows of any guides, videos, ect. That could help me learn LabVIEW better. I understand the best way to learn is through practice, which is what I’m doing but I would like something to better guide me. I’ve been reading the guides provided by LabVIEW and they work but it’d be nice if someone could give me a link to videos or guides to better help me learn.

Now, what we still need to get done is the programming of the autonomous mode and a few more tweeks on our main program. So it’d be nice if I could be provided with a guide for how to make an autonomous program and the main VIs that are used in it. I have been getting help from Marshal, who’s part of SOTA Team 2557 and he helped me yesterday to learn some basic programming but it was only for the TeleOP. If anyone can help me out here, even a little bit, both me and my team would be very grateful. Were kinda in a jam here, it being our schools first year, we were a bit disorganized.

Also, last thing I promise, have rigid motors to a board to test codes and kept our cRIO and jaguars and all the other stuff so we could work on code.

Here are some guides and videos. I am sure others will come forward with more help.

Good luck,


Thank you very much.

NI put together some FIRST specific videos as well