Need help on 2CAN->BlackJags

We have 2CAN2.0 w/ fw 2.21. We can’t get cRIO to talk to 2CAN.

Fast flashing orange strobe light. We added the 2CAN plug into the cRIO:/ni-rt/system/FRC2CANPlugIn.out. And added the plugin to the dll list after the network call. Question: Do we need to remove the BlackJaguar plugin?

We have our laptop set to, the 2CAN is, the cRIO is All subnet masks are

We can use the Black Jags no problem w/ serial->CAN but can’t w/ Ether->2CAN, the cRio has no communication to them. We can get the 2CAN web server, shows CAN good but gives us error msg …“no crio comm…”.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards, team 2053.

Yes, you need to remove the “Black Jag” plugin on the cRIO - you can only have one of the CAN plugins (serial or 2CAN) running on the cRIO at any one time.

Do this by either running the cRIO imaging tool to change the CAN plugin, or by editing the ni-rt.ini file on the cRIO to load the 2CAN plugin instead of the serial plugin.

Feel free to ask if you need further help.

  • Ron
    Team #2607 controls mentor