need help on jaguars

:ahh: : wat do the signal lights mean on the jaguar motor controllers?? Ours keep blinking orange. And wat are the jumpers on the jaguar for? :confused: :confused: :confused:

p.s. in an unrelated note my friend wants to know who is better Kakashi or Kimimaru??? :cool:

The Jaguar Getting Started Guide should have all the info you are looking for. There is a table in that document of the LED status codes and one of the Q&A questions addresses the jumpers.

Indeed the getting started guide should certainly help you. Flashing orange lights usually indicate that they are not receiving a signal from the Robot Controller (cRIO/Digital Sidecar). Do you have the sidecar connected to the Jaguars and the cRIO?

ok thanks for the table that had all those signal lights and wat they meant lol and to the other dude that posted i think we have the cRio hooked up to the Jaguar unless we connected it to the wrong one lol but thanks for all the help :smiley: