Need help ordering electrical components

This is my first year ordering from and I was wondering if maybe some of you could help me out and tell me what is best from experience?

I’m in need of some wires, connectors and maybe some heat shrink. I’d appreciate any input your could provide, maybe even some advice.

Thanks in advance,

You can order that type of stuff from anybody. When I was with a team in Connecticut, I used Great guy’s to deal with and very knowledgeable, will help ou however they can.

Well that’s true but the school district that pays the bills has limited us to a few sources of material. McMaster-Carr seems to be widely used by many teams so I figured it would be easier this way. Thanks for the link though.

McMaster is a great place to order from, though their website lacks a little. They do not advertise anything they don’t cover and usually will have it to you within a few days. Here in Chicago they try for next day. Digikey is also a great place for electronic stuff so you should try to get the school district to process paperwork for them as well.

Thanks much Al. I was wondering now if anyone had any specifics of the materials perhaps? Thanks again.