NEED help robotics class content - teachers and content creators

Hi everyone!

Diane W. here from the old Gila Monsters and Jag Robotics. I am currently working with Carol Popovich, The Arizona Regional Director on a new project.

I will be working on creating e-learning classes/workshops for FIRST.
One of the stipulations that some of the grantor’s for the Arizona regional would like to see is, course content created that can be used in the classroom. This is a wonderful way to help fellow FIRST’ers!!

We are reaching out to all of the teams/teachers and mentors to help us. The courses created will be used all over by teachers and by the FIRST community.

A Few Topic Suggestions: (Not limited to these though- send us anything you think is of value!)

Fund Raising
Starting a Team
Team Building

If you have content that we can use; please drop me an email or send the content to me at: [email protected]

Or send files via my website at:
Use the password: sendfilesnow

Thanks a million in advance!

Diane Weightman
FIRST Robotics Mentor

The best resources we use to teach can be found compiled very nicely at

The link is not working, would you please double check it for us?

Is this content you have created, or something others have that you have used?


I assume by FIRST you mean all age groups and competitions, so I would encourage you to check out the materials developed by the CMU Robotics Academy for FLL- and FTC-level teams. They are already in use by a fair number of teachers around the country.


Hi Ryan,
Thanks for the info and link. This is the type of thing we are looking to create. We cannot use their materials as they are owned, copyrighted and they have fees for these materials.

We are looking to create these types of classes and have them be free to FIRST students, teachers and mentors. We are looking for people who can help with content as I am a designer and not a robotics/engineering content expert. We want to have accurate data and information that we are teaching.

Thanks for your information though, it gave me something interesting to look at and consider as we start our mockups.


Before you dismiss the CMU materials, it may be in your best interests to contact them. The folks there have been very helpful and certainly know their stuff when we have communicated with them in the past. Their pricing is so reasonable and the curriculum is some of the easiest I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Perhaps they would release some of the materials or assist. It cannot hurt to ask.

Salvatore Lorenzen
FRC 2865 & 4 FTC Teams
Robotics/Electronics Teacher Post Falls High School
Digital Graphics and Intro to Computers at iSucceed VHS
Post Falls, Idaho