Need help with a Fusion Team issue - All data lost after transfer from A360

Hello all,
After being prompted by Autodesk, we recently transferred all our data from A360 to a Fusion Team. In doing so we have lost access to our main project folder (“you dont have the required permission to perform this operation”) and the folder is displaying an “Error loading data” message. Over 7 years of student work, all our catalogs and design information gone in the blink of an eye!
As we are under an education license we are not getting the required level of support from Autodesk to fix the issue.
If anyone has had a similar issue and have a fix they could share it would be much appreciated.
Is there a phone number for support as the chat function and email support is hopeless?
Any CD Autodesk insiders willing or able to help?


were you on individual A360 or A360 Teams? My understanding is A460 Teams was just rebranded/merged into Fusion 360 Teams. Fusion 360 Team is basically just Fusion 360 ‘team folder’. Once you log into your Fusion 360 acct, you have your individual folder and then you have the ‘team folder’. [just a pull down selection on the top left].

Try the Fusion 360 Online Contact. it might take sometime but they should respond fairly quickly.