need help with autonomous

Can anyone tell me the context when inserting code for autonomous i tried inserting code at the point in user_routines_fast.c where it says insert autonomous here or whatever but when i load it I can’t get it to run and the ifi loader program that shows the status of the robot while your hooked up to it says “waiting for bump switch to be hit”??? heres the code im using.

commands command_list ] = {

this may be stupid and way of but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Make your commands in command.h, then comment the robot_control() in user_routines.c out and uncomment robot_control() in user_routines_fast.c

To test your robot in autonomous mode u need a swith connected to the Competition port. The switch basically tells the robot if autonomous is on or off.

If you do not have the dongle made yet you can put your robot on blocks and set the team number to 0000 and auto mode will start when you turn it on.

I tried doiing what you told me about commenting certain parts and uncommenting others then changed the team number to 0000 tried my autonomous code again and it still isn’t doing anything. In the IFI loaders program status window it just says “waiting for bump switch to be hit”. If anyone just has some example code I would appreciate it. I don’t want to copy anyones code but if someone has some example code from autonomous mode out of the user routines fast file where i would greatly appreciate it.