Need Help With Camera [ Wants to add a mask the dashboard live camera view]

any help here? i never attempted doing anything special with the dashboard…

Hi, i just finished doing that heres how:

  1. create an image of what you want to mask with whatever areas you want the camera to show through colored transparent.

  2. save as a .png file, preferably save it to the same directory as your dashboard.

  3. use image displaying code as shown in the attached image. (edit it as necessary depending on where your files are stored)

  4. click the run button in the toolbar at the top, then stop it. (this causes the images to be rendered in the front panel)

  5. go into the front panel and move the image to the front.

  6. drag the image on top of the camera display area. (the image will be cropped but if you drag out the corners the whole thing will be displayed) (7.35 KB) (7.35 KB)