Need help with chairmans video

hello i need help with basic layouts with the chairman’s video this is my first time doing this any help would be appreciated

Hi Firemaster193,

here is a link to the official FIRST awards page. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you’ll find a list of pdf’s and videos about preparing and making a chairman’s award video as well as the requirements.

If you need Ideas for formats or themes lots of teams post their chairman’s award videos to youtube each year. Here is a Thread from last year that has the links to alot of great award winning videos that you can watch to get some ideas.

I hope these help to answer your question :slight_smile: Good Luck with your Video


I’ve made my team’s Chairman’s video for 3 years now and have a couple tips:

-Don’t go crazy. FIRST overstates what these videos are for, they’re nice, but don’t have to be incredible.

-Combine montage footage, with non-intrusive background music, narration, and an occasional interview.

-Be simple, distracting special effects can hurt you more than they help you.

-Judges like numbers.

-Shots of your team with little kids are always great!

Hope this helps!

Thanks everybody.