Need Help with Chicklet

We have been having some major problems with this USB Chicklet. It only seems to accept 7 inputs although in callabration mode it says we have 12 to use. We are using a Xbox 360 controller and it isn’t the windows version. Also when we hook it up to OI and run the RC to it, two buttons are always pushed according to our " printf( " So I’m not sure if its the chicklet that has the problem or the controller has anyone else had this problem?

First of all. I think you must use an Xbox 360 USB Microsoft brand controller. Or one of the brands listed in the chicklet documentation.

Did you calibrate the controller/chicklet to the mode you wish to use? You must follow the calibration procedures to the letter. There is one of the final steps that requires you to press a button to save the calibration. If you forget this you end up in MODE1.

Also. You will only get 4 true digital buttons. In some modes you get more buttons but they return analog values. So you have to play with them to understand the values they return. You can use them if you build a table of analog values they return when you push them in the 16 different combinations.

Please read te USB Chicklet Manual. You MUST use the Microsoft version of the Xbox 360 controller. No other Xbox 360 controller is supported.

I must of said what I said wrong, the controller we are using is of Microsoft brand, But I was told before that it has to be the one that works on the xbox, not the one that works on the computer. I have read through the USB chicklet manual and have done everything that its told me and everything reacts the way it is suppose to except that it blinks 12 times for me to input 12 buttons, yet only lets me input 7. I hope this clearifies

If you note on the table of the 4 supported mode for this controller that some of the “buttons” are in RED. The legend at the bottom of the page states that these are analog in nature. So. You will have 12 buttons but some of them are going to return analog values instead of just a 0 or 1.

yeah ok I see that, but what does that mean? Like I don’t know what buttons 5-8 are and if they are analog what does this mean. The programmer on the team says he already knew this, and I am no programer, but if you could explain how to hook up a xbox 360 controller (callabration and otherwise) specificly for the 360 controller and what should happen (maybe perhaps someone who is also using a xbox 360 controller. It is fairly hard to explain what is happening, but its definatly screwing up, so step by step instructions (other than the manual instructions) would be awesome. Thanks again!!:smiley: