Need help with code.

Hello, I’m a beginner programmer on Team 1302. I need help with a simple code.

The story runs like this. Today I was asked to make a very simple code to just make the motors rotate. I then realized that my mentors/other programmers never taught me how to start a program. This is really bad because I’ve been almost the only programmer here all build season. Long story short, I plugged the code in, but it is saying I’m missing a source code. Guess what, I was never told about source codes and seeing as it has the word ‘source’ in it, you’d think someone would remember to teach me -.- Can anyone help?

What do you mean you “plugged the code in”? Do you have the latest MPLab IDE and compiler on your computer?

More specific FIRST related coding help

If you have no experience with C try this white paper

There are plenty of tutorials and help all around this forum if you just search and look around. Hope these help



you should download the default code from
fo to file>>open workspase>> the only *mcp file in the code folder and then just modify default_routie(found in user_routines.c) as you need.
to access motors give a value between 0 and 255 to a pwm port where the motor is plugged in.
pwm01=255; for example

thanks, actually I found out what I was doing wrong fifteen seconds ago so this post is now effectively dead.

Thanks for the help everyone!