Need Help With Deploying Code

We need to figure out when to put the cRIO into safe mode
Do we do it when running temporary code?
How about when we want to deploy code to the robot?
What are the steps for deploying code to the robot?

Under normal conditions never put the cRIO into Safe Mode. If you have a dead brick-like cRIO, then you might do it, but ask someone first.

To download code start at the LabVIEW Project Explorer window.

  • At the bottom under “Build Specifications” right-click on the file listed there. and select “Build”
    *]After that’s done right-click and select “Run as startup”

You should not be putting the Crio in safe mode. That is a recovery mode when you have made a major, major mistake (or the Crio has made a major, major mistake) and you’re going to have to reformat it. Very similar to why you’d be starting your computer in safemode.

Section 2.8.1 of the 2010 Getting Started manual describes how to run code on the CRIO. No where does it suggest safemode.

It also suggests you review the Labview Robotics Programming guide if you want to more about deploying software to the Crio. It states you can go to National Instrument’s website and search for it to find it. I put the name into google and found it on the first try.

In addition, you should search on chief delphi for “deploy code to crio”. You will find dozens of results. Some of which guide you step by step for what you’re looking for.

Edit: Saw that Mark answered the question. Mark - you have the patience of a saint. I’m nearly to the point where “read the manual” is my first response to every question :).