Need help with Everything

Trying to use java for FRC this year and other programmers have more or less bailed so its just me. Anyone have any quick courses for programming a robot in java? Or any words of advice/tips? Need help starting and everything else after that more or less. I have done some basic programming in java but nothing extensive or related to robots.

Here’s a great website with a bunch of guides on how to get started with FRC Java Programming. If you have more specific questions feel free to ask them in this thread or PM me.

You can also refer to other teams’ prior-year code for reference. There’s a handy list here: (kudos to the maintainers!)

I think here’s a good place to start :

Another good tip is to use Robot Builder to get the basic templates and files set up. It has a drag and drop interface to add the physical robot components and then will give you a great starting point to start adding your own custom code.
Robot Builder is installed as part of the NI update suite. From there you can export Java code. Te Java code can then be imported into eclipse. (instructions for these steps are easily found by 'google’ing.