need help with finding a scholarship

could someone help me find a scholarship for FIRST robotic members who want to go into a science related career (veterinarian) not engineering or someone that is going to Michigan state u. ive look at the first web site and couldnt find it

I heard that Auburn University is a great veterinarian school. Even though it is in Alabama and your probably somewhere far away, but it is a good site to look at. :slight_smile:

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I recieved a scholarship from Drexel University last year through FIRST that was for International Business in their co-op program, and from what I hear they also have a very good medical sciences program. Granted, Drexel is in Philadelphia, but it’s definitely a school worth looking into.

I just PM’d this to Angier314, but I thought maybe others could also benefit.

"If you can’t find exactly what kind of scholarship you’d like, you have a couple different options. Please don’t just give up!

One option is calling a couple different schools that you are interested in, and then asking them what kind of scholarships they offer. I know this is time consuming and can be a hassle during FIRST season, but maybe this is something that would be WELL worth your time. You may even want to mention that you have a little science and technology background - FIRST can be used as a reference for millions of different careers, even if the main basis of it isn’t exactly what you want to go into.

Another option is calling up different veterinarians in your area (or any kind of careerpeople in your area, most will be helpful) to ask what kinds of skills they are required to learn, what schools they went to, and how they achieved their current career. Something like this may not only open up a couple doors after college, it may also give you some reference points or even just someone to go to for career advice.

Last but not least, later down the road, talk to your school and tell them about FIRST! Maybe the opportunity isn’t or wasn’t available for you when it came to the scholarship of your choice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it available for others!"

Best of luck, especially to outgoing seniors.

To add onto what everyone else said :), you should also search the web for veterinary societies. Just like SME and all the other engineering ones, many professions have national societies that offer scholarships to students that want to go into the field someday. This is also a helpful way to find people who may be hiring in your area.

Also, ask your family about their experiences. Being the relative of someone with military experience, in a society, or just worked for a certain company may open you to scholarships you didn’t even know existed.

Building on what Amanda said, there’s also ways of selling skills that you acquired through FIRST that aren’t science and tech based. Maybe you did some PR, and thus you would have presentation skills and writing experience. Maybe you did some strategy, it would show that you know how to think analytically and come up with solutions that other people would not usually find. Maybe you helped your team’s cheering section…thus, you have motivation and leadership skills! With colleges, its all about the spin you put on it :wink:

Good luck!
-Jessica B

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