need help with gyro sensor connection

this year my team decide to use the gyro sensor for the first time,i have some questions about the gyro connection:
1-how much voltages it needs?
2-how we connect it(some pics To clarify if it available)?

thank you for anyone will help me:D

It needs 5 volts, which is supplied by the analog breakout board.

Connect it to an analog input using a servo extension cable (usually called a “PWM cable” around these parts). The white signal wire goes to the hole next to the word “Rate”, the red power wire goes to the center hole adjacent to it, and the black ground wire goes to the third hole at the corner of the board. You can also connect the “Temp” signal the same way to another analog input if you want to be able to calibrate the gyro response based on ambient temperature.

The 2009 Sensor Manual should tell you this explicitly, but it doesn’t. (You should still read it; find it under Section 8 - The Robot on the Competition Manual and Related Documents page.)

first thank you for ur help
we use only one pwm cable for it?

You need 1 pwm for your rate output and 1 pwm for your temp output. They’re seperate circuits, so you can’t run 5v to the rate side and get a temp output

thank u for ur help…
u said we need two pwm cables the first to the analog input
where we have to connect the scand pwm cable?

Basically, your gyro’s i/o should look something like this

Rate o o o
Tempo o o

Each circuit needs a signal output, a 5v input, and a ground. So you wire up the PWMs parallel to the rate/temp labels.

thx for ur help
can anyone put a pic of the gyro with the pwm cable connections ?
the second thing we have the second pwm cable from temp 000 where i have to connect it?


See my post #2]( in this thread.

Guess what? I replaced the sensor and all works perfectly. I wanted to thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it