Need help with joystick.

For our arm this year, we intend to use one joystick and on our joystick we have many thumb buttons as well as a wheel. What we need help with is how to program multiple buttons on a joystick on easyC, as well as set PWMs according to which button was pressed…

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

I typically use OI to Relay and OI to PWMs for buttons. (under RC Control on the Function Block tab in the sidebar)

Most of the instructions in the blocks are self-explanitory, but you just specify the controller port (on the OI), the button for relays (use printf statements to find what buttons correspond to which number if you aren’t using the white controller FIRST gives) or the axis for PWMs, the PWM/relay number (on the RC board), and the direction (forward or back for PWMs, for relays, they correspond to on/off - 1/0).

Hope that helps!