Need help with Kevin's hybrid code?

Is there some way that we can implement Kevin’s code for IR without using your code?

I only modified the default code in MPLab and the created the same effects in easyC.

If need be, I may end up using your code, but I was wondering if we would only have to implement Specific parts?

Could you be a bit clearer in what you are asking? Not sure who “you” and “your” refer to. Sounds like you want to implement KW’s IR code in Easy C…is that correct? Or are you saying you have already done that?


If you want to drop the IR code into an existing MPLAB project, it should be fairly easy to do. Probably the hardest part will be setting up the interrupt service routine in user_routines_fast.c, but you should be able to get plenty of help here.


Sorry, I was very tired and wrote the post as though I was speaking to Kevin:yikes:

Thank you, do I have permission to pm or email you if I need help?