Need help with Labview counters

Ok, so I have a counter focused on counting 14 ticks per revolution of the wheel. My problem is these ticks continue to accumulate as the match progresses. For example… If I start at 0 and run the wheel for 1 sec, I get 140 ticks in that time. Therefore I have spun the wheel 10 revolutions, then if I run the wheel again, the counter starts from 140. I am trying to adapt this counter to find RPM… I have boiled it down to Delta Ticks over Delta time, the math is good and everything but I am having trouble putting it all together in labview. any help is appreciated! Thanks!

What you are doing sounds fine, but if you want to let the library do the delta for you, you can use the Reset VI. I think it would be better to keep it the way you have it and experiment with the dT that makes sense for your application.

Greg McKaskle

Well I am still having a bit of trouble making Labview happy… Mind writing and posting a quick vi of what you think would work? I also think running it in periodic would be more advantageous… but I can’t get anything to execute in periodic.