Need help with locking on sprocket

This may sound dumb but what do we use to lock the sprocket onto the gearbox shaft? We can’t find a key in the kit Thanks for helping with something so small.

I dont think the kit came with a 1/8" key. I just picked one up off of McMaster since I didnt see it in the kit.

Chris is right, there is no 1/8 inch key in the kit of parts. I bought some this afternoon at Lowe’s. The other thing you’ll have to do is make a spacer to fit over the Banebot transmission output shaft to put the sprocket in alignment.

Thanks guys! If I were to go to Lowe’s what would I ask for?

you would just ask for 1/8 inch keystock. if they think your crazy just sort of go into detail explaining it till they get it.

It’s in a cabinet where the nuts and bolts are. The cabinet has all sorts of specialty stuff. This cabinet at the Lowe’s near me is on one end of the nuts and bolts.Ther is one dawer full of different size woodruff and flat keys.

Thanks again! Thats a huge help.