Need help with Network Tables

I have no experience with Network Tables. I need to send an 2d array to a LabVIEW dashboard using network tables, and I don’t quite know where to start.

public java.lang.Boolean] getBooleanArray(java.lang.String key,
                                           java.lang.Boolean] defaultValue)

I found that on the Java Docs on:

If someone used Network Tables to comunicate to a dashboard last year and could post that code, I think I could gain a further understanding of network tables from that.

For my usage I use:

	public NetworkTable table = NetworkTable.getTable("locationOfItem");
			actualVariable = table.getNumberArray("arrayItem", defaultValue);
			SmartDashboard.putNumber("displayName", actualVariable[0]);

This uses arrays, but you could use it with just numbers by using different getNumber with table.

We just got support for 1D arrays this year, I don’t think 2D arrays are currently viable (unless the above poster’s solution works for you)

if you ABSOLUTELY need a table, and you can do some data processing on the dashboard (not familiar with configuring the lv dashboard), than you can always send the data as a string encoded with the raw bytes of the 2D array

I didn’t realize that. If I can send 2 1D arrays, I can combine them to create a 2D Array. I will see about trying fireXtract’s method.

It depends on the scope of your project. If it is a static amount of arrays than yes you could always just use 5 different 1D arrays.