Need help with powder room.

I am going to redo my powder room downstairs in FIRST style. I have lots of mementos from past robots and events for the decorations and I figured I would make the vanity out of KOP frame or 8020.

What I need is a good idea for the sink. I was figuring an aluminum top with a regular glass vessel but was wondering if my fellow CD’s could come up with a better idea.

Also any other ideas for decorations or fixtures would be welcomed.


I would incorporate the lazy susan into the medicine cabinet or storage somehow. Of course it needs to be motorized and have limit switches to control it.

A CIM powered toilet paper dispenser would also be a hoot.

This should be a great thread! Is this the first bathroom related thread on CD?
My first thought is diamondplate around the sink.
Hopefully no 120 pound weight limit.
How about a sensor to trigger the “start of a match” signal when you go in and a signal for when you have 20 seconds before you must get out?

Sorry for the bathroom humor.

I bet if you’re clever enough, you could fit a Globe motor inside your toilet paper roll. Put a small wheel on the output shaft and friction drive the whole thing to spin toilet paper neatly out on command. :slight_smile:

It would be really cool if you incorporated all of the above ideas but controlled them with an actual robot control system mounted on the wall or something and used push buttons to control every mechanism. This could get really pricey really fast… I like it.


Clearly you need automatic faucets - you know, a motion sensor that triggers a robotic arm to turn the water on and off for you :slight_smile:

The first person to say “water game” gets negative reputation.

Hmm? What? Oh.

Oops. :o

Never mind.

Isn’t that what children play when they try to flush a tie down the toilet?

The toilet needs to have the vision target on it…

Perhaps the sink could have something to do with the 2003 bins. or the 2005 tetras?

How about a big picture of Dean’s face where the mirror would be.:smiley:

Orbit ball lamps anyone?

You could replace one of those single handled faucets with a KOP joystick.

A really simple but probably decent idea: Replace the current handles with shafts with gears on the end, geared to another shaft with a handle on it. Reduction optional.

I second the diamond plate sink and motorized toilet paper. Get a cRio, mount it in the medicine cabinet, and run a bunch or stuff off it. Automated lights, auto toilet paper, its all possible!!!

A 2002-2003 rotating light with interchangeable red and blue caps would be a very nice light fixture.

Or use an IFI control system and you won’t have to wait 2 minutes to use your bathroom :stuck_out_tongue:

Make it wireless and you can really surprise people from the other room.

Not quite FIRST, but how about a R2D2 dome for a sink?

Of course, if you have any visiting robots your bathroom may just stop responding completely :stuck_out_tongue:

2009 surface flooring
sink made from half a soccer ball (2010 & 2002)
robot status light on the back of the toilet tank
bumpers need to be used somewhere
AM wheels
pneumatic tubing---- – - -

Don’t forget to put bumpers around the corners of the sink with your team number painted on. Each number must be 4 inches tall.

If you want to give another nod to Breakaway, you could make the sink bumpers interchangeably red and blue.

Make the sink handles pool noodles. Wrap the Hot one in red fabric and the Cold one in blue.