Need help with powder room.

It isn’t a complete sink, but mine sometimes looks like the attachment…

Greg McKaskle

And my Formula Zero prof was worried about us eating cookies near our CRIO… I think I will forward this to them as a “status update” if you don’t mind Greg?

I must have missed that step in the instructions on cleaning the cRIO…

Note I didn’t say anything about this being good for it.

This is the controller from NItro, the tri-omni demo bot from 2008, the day before it was to be loaded onto the truck for the trip to Atlanta. Combine a new driver unfamiliar with the stick, a pile of celebratory breakfast tacos, a bowl of salsa, and suddenly you need a sink. You also need a board washer, wads of paper towels, and lots of time to reassemble and retest the robot.

But you have similar stories I’m sure.

So surely such a nice power room incorporates a lead screw somehow.

Greg McKaskle

At least the main board is waterproof…

Back on subject: For the sink, a triangle of diamond-plate (round the front corner a bit to reduce liability insurance, maybe bend it down?) and a circular sink. The sides (or 8020 - I like that!) would be squares (or rectangles, thinking practically).

Gear reduction for the faucets would be over-the-top cool. Plain spur gears. In brass or stainless!

The Water Closet should be, well, conventional. No need to make things, uh, difficult.

Wallpaper could get interesting. Surely some picture frames, maybe 3-D frames with things like medals or other mementos.

Tissue Roll, motorized with IR or Ultrasonic ‘hand’ sensor.

Sam, I think you have too much time on your hands. Or you’re gonna be featured in the “You know you’re addicted to FIRST when…” thread. Real soon.:smiley:

What about towel bars or hooks?

Yeah, just don’t do it. Someday you might want to sell that house. Really. Just say no.

  1. Large rotary limit switch is the flush lever.
  2. When a sensor detects a toilet user, begin audio sound effects for opening bell, autonomous mode (yikes), and the end-of-match fog horn.
  3. Red and blue handles on the water faucet.
  4. Flashing orange indicator light indicates when the room is occupied.
  5. Toilet lid lift is assisted with 3/8" latex tubing.
  6. Light fixture looks like the driver station lights with the metal cage around it. (Light bulb is red or blue.)
  7. Timer limits each user to 2 minutes -15 seconds.
  8. Sign on the door says “Safety First!”, with a bin of safety glasses on the wall.
  9. Light switch is the 120 amp circuit breaker.
  10. Seems like a joystick should be in there somewhere, but I’m afraid to think of where.

I was looking for a scene I once saw on Gomer Pyle where he got all the latrine seats to lift to salute, but instead I found an idea for the seat and for the sink

I don’t know about the automation but an old IFI controller for decoration would be cool.

Me likey the gear reduction faucet idea.

I was thinking about one wall out of regolith.

Excellent idea.

You are thinking about the Movie “No Time for Sargents” It launched Andy Griffith’s career.

When the lights go on, it should play the “charge” music.

To be environmentally sound, if the shower water is on for > 8 minutes, the user should incur a DOGMA penalty.

Trackball cover = shower curtain

If there are multiple lights over your vanity, they should flash while a voice calls, “LLLLIIIGHT RAAAAAAANDOMIZER”

Instead of using a vision target, may I suggest the game hint?

Four words: Spider leg towel rack.

A sign on the back of the door, facing the toilet user, says “This is why we do the math.”

Perhaps there is a small…funnel…that the operator relieves themselves in, and the contents of the funnel are channeled into a pipe, which is controlled by a joystick.

The trigger pressurizes the tube, forcing liquids to exit…and the X axis controls the X axis of the tube, while the Y axis controls the pitch of the tube!

No bank shots please.

I’m afraid that we at team 1922, OZ-ram, may have a few concerns using a funnel…




I have a few old frame parts t hat I have wanted to hang up in my room to use as shelving, but I haven’t had the chance to. Is there any chance that you have some old robot parts that could be used as shelves?

If you can paint a 2010 target on the upright part of the toilet (or the wall right behind it), do so. Also put a 2009 target on top of the toilet.

For art, hang up medals and framed pictures of robots, the team, or whatever else you want pictures of.

What other things are already in the room? Cabinet, closet, counter?

Get a wireless controller (PS3, xbox 360, or otherwise) and hook up all essential functions (toilet, faucet, lights, TP, etc.) to an old IFI controller and diamond plate all the walls. Use a half a trackball for a sink, then put regolith on the floor.

NOTE: if you don’t get on the overdosed on FIRST thread, I dont know what will…

I still like the thought of the wireless controls in the other room.
And really, if it is going to be a robot theme, you should probably come up with a better name than “Powder Room”

Powder-coating room.