Need help with project

Hey guys,

So at my school, every student is required to focus on a problem and create a year-long project about the problem. We do research, find stakeholders, create a vision, write many papers, and eventually come to a solution/intervention. This year, I decided to do my project about robotics and mental health. I know it’s a scary topic but I really need some data.

I have created two surveys: one for teams in Arizona & California, and one for everywhere else. A couple of the questions are slightly personal, therefore, I have made Name and contact information COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. You can be totally ANONYMOUS. I just really need some data for my project, as I need to do a workshop soon.

If you could help me out, I would really really appreciate it.

Arizona and California survey:

General Survey for other areas:

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Thanks to everyone that has given me data so far! You’ve been super helpful. I really appreciate your honesty and help. :smiley:

On the question involving how many times per week the team meets, it is unclear whether you mean during competition season or off season.

You also might want to consider having a check box for mentor or student response.