Need help with some adding - width not adding up

Trying to setup our practice field and the widths are not adding up. There are 5 elements on the width. One driver station (72.0"), a Loading Bay (60.0"), a Power Port (48.0"), and two slanted driver’s stations slanted inward by 26.625 inches making an angle of 21.7 degrees so the width of each one is 66.90". Total is 72.0+60.0+48.0+2(66.90) = 313.80 inches. The field is 26’11.25" or 323.25 in so I’m missing 9.45". I’ve looked at the field images and can not see any spacers. On the LayoutandMarkingDiagram.pdf document on pg4, it shows dimensions to the middle of the Power Port adding up to 94.66 inches. Without any spaces, it should be 66.90 + 0.5(48) = 90.9" so I’m already missing 3.76". If there is a 1.575 inch space between each element, it fits but I do not see any spacers. Any ideas?

The field end-wall elements are usually connected by interleaving slots and a pin (similar to a door hinge). I believe it’s made from ~2" round or rounded-square stock (depending on manufacturer), which might explain a majority of your missing gaps.

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