Need help with the e4p encoder!!!

Can you install the e4p encoder without the base? If yes, how can you install it?

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The base of the E4P contains the light source and sensor and the connector for the signals. If you tried to install the encoder without the base, you wouldn’t actually have an encoder when you were done.

Unless you are talking about the plastic thing that is made to screw into a toughbox? I think it is separate from the encoder chip but you may run into issues with your encoder chip and disk spinning.

Given the discrepancy of interpretation, maybe you can post a picture of the part you are considering removing?

The purpose of the black plastic shell is to keep light out so it doesn’t interfere with the photodiode inside the encoder. If you can make sure that no outside light gets into the green board, you should be alright to remove it.

There are two bases that you could be talking about.

The circular black piece that matches the green PCB helps shield the sensor from light, as others noted. There really shouldn’t be any reason to remove it since it’s pretty thin and just about the same size as the PCB itself.

There is also a triangular piece that the former piece can screw into for mounting on a transmission. This piece is unnecessary. This year, they weren’t even in the KOP since the CIM-ple trannys have the correct mounting holes to begin with.