Need help with User Testing!

Hey FIRSTers,

When I was a team captain, it was very difficult for me to track each member and their funding activity for our team. Back in the day, I used to use excel/email to track each member and if they have or have not paid for our day to day expenditures. For Example team shirts, activities, dues, trips, etc.

Recently I ran into the same problem again (now as a grad student) and looked around for an easy to use software that will help me organize my members, raise funds for different purposes, and keep track of each members contributions. I could not find a single solution. So I got together with some FIRST alumnus and decided to work on a project called Fundaround.

Fundaround is a web-app that lets organization leaders or mentors gather all members in one place, communicate effectively and create Fundables to raise money for different purposes, i.e collect dues, raise money for t-shirts, raise funds for a team trip, etc. Our reporting tool can let the leaders or mentors know exactly which member has or has not paid for a fundable in just couple of clicks.

So far we have some college organizations and band booster clubs who are helping us test this platform.
As of right now, we are ready to launch our beta version, but would like to get some more feedback. This is where we need your HELP!

I’ll be hosting a User Testing session all weekend long on google hangout and would love to hear from you.
For helping us out, we’ll make you part of our Founder’s Circle and will mail you a Fundaround t-shirt as well!

Oh and I forgot to mention the best part. There is NO sign up cost or subscriptions! We just charge 5% plus 30 cents on each transaction to cover for credit card processing and maintenance fees.

If you’re interested please let me know in the thread below and I’ll send you an invitation to join Fundaround.

Questions? Feel free to ask!

Thanks a million!


ps you can get more information on