Hi! I need help locating “CMUCam2 demo.llb” I don’t know how to setup the software for Camera can anyone please help me by giving me step by step instructions. Also, all the links to download “CMUCam2 demo.llb” doesn’t work so can anyone please get me that file. it would be really helpful. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: leads to the appropriate place.

I don’t want the application package i just want the CMU cam2 Demo.dll file thats all i want. the FTP site gives out the the application package? and i don’t really understand that package. So please i need help! :slight_smile:

One of us is confused, and I’m pretty sure it’s not me. The LabView application is not available for download. It came in the Kit of Parts.

For what you are seeking, quite definitely leads to the appropriate place. You want the LabVIEW CMUCam2 file.

All i want to do is open labview and want to know how to calibrate my camera but this insturctions say that i must download some CMU Cam2 demo.dll file. I looked everywhere but i couldn’t find this file, I just want to know how can i get it. Once i get it what should i do to operate the labview to calibrate the sensor? Thank you for all your help I know its gets annoying :slight_smile:

" Connect the sensor to COM port of the computer with LabVIEW 8 and the CMUCam2demo.llb installed.Start LabVIEW and load the CMUCam2 Graphical User Interface (GUI). Using the Serial Port drop-down menu, below the CMUCam2 title at the upper left of thescreen; select the port where the sensor is connected. Start the CMUCam2 GUI by selecting the white run arrow, on the toolbar above the CMUCam2 title at the top left of the screen.
To load the parameters for the 2006 Vision Sensor target select the Load Config From File button to the right of the Track Frame display area."

llb is a lab view file extention. It’s included in the zip file that has been pointed to. Read slow. :slight_smile:


The LabVIEW CMUCam2 file contains the LLB file among others. That LLB file is simply a “LabVIEW LiBrary”… it contains LabVIEW “VIs” (Virtual Instruments) that actually are the code. Inside the LLB file, you’ll find a file called “CMUcam2 App” (or something very similar, don’t have it in front of me). That is the application to run to test and calibrate your camera settings.

Don’t forget that you will need to download NI VISA to allow you to use the serial port on your PC. Your first step, however is installing LabVIEW from the CD that came in your Kit and activating it. Make sure you can open LabVIEW by itself before you try anything else.

Once you get VISA installed you should be able to select you com port in the application and click the little run arrow on the toolbar.

Good luck!