Need Help

I need some help. I have a team member that likes to do everything for the electrical part of the robot. I want to help with it too but when I try, he justs tells me to back off. What should I do? :frowning:

Ask him to teach you (even if you already know how it works). He may be more willing to accept help if he teaches his helper. Or talk to him about it when he isn’t working on the electronics. (And don’t make him feel that he is being attacked.)

Otherwise, it’s something to talk over with your mentors.

Ask Dr. Phil!

Or go consult the Mentor of Oz.

Thank you for all of your advice. This will definitely help me.

Well when he’s sick just rewire it yourself

I think team members have to remember that all members should have a knowledge of how things were built on your robot. The judges will ask different members of the team and evaluate awards based a lot on everyone’s knowledge of the robot. It’s not the best idea to have people only know certain parts of the program and ignore the rest.