Need hep utilizing Talon SRXs and Greyhill Encoders

Hello, we are looking to utilize Talon SRXs and Greyhill encoders and we are wondering if anyone can point us in a good direction. Currently, these encoders are connected to the encoder breakout boards connected to each respective Talon SRX. We’d simply like to first read out values of each encoder in our code, but ultimately we’d like to utilize this in a PID setup. Thank you for any assistance that you can provide.

Have a read through the docs: Bring Up: Talon FX/SRX Sensors — Phoenix documentation

Yes we have, we know the encoders are working and connected, but want to program them.

Okay, and what have you tried?

There’s some VERY simple example code on that page, but you may need to look into the javadocs to find the correct method to call.

Thank you for the help! We just needed to keep digging around the docs. ConfigSelectedFeedbackSensor worked to choose our quad encoders and getSelectedSensorPosition worked to be able to get the values displayed.

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