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Now that I graduated high school and no longer am doing FRIST (at least for now) what are some cool things that I can do with Labview and my raspberry pi?


Serious answer: whatever you want
One cool thing a few buddies and I did on the PI was make a circuit and program that would flash lights on and off using morse code for whatever we typed into the computer

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There are libraries to get LabVIEW code running on a raspberry pi. But I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. You’re going to be much better off using a programming language more native to the rpi like python, c, c++, java, or a number of others that are more natively supported. If you don’t know one of those already, it’s a good idea to try to teach yourself one; you’ll probably have to learn at least the basics of a text-based programming language if you’ll be studying engineering in college*. Better to get started with that sooner rather than later. Python is a very easy language for beginners syntax-wise.

That being said, there’s no reason you can’t program any of the projects you see online in LabVIEW (it will just be harder for no real gain). There’s a lot of cool ideas out there for the rpi, just a Google search away.

* At least at my school, intro to CS is required for all engineering majors

Build a robot - IDK about labview but you take a Pi, Some old victors and Jaguars or other PWM, a couple of motors, 3d print about 5 kg worth of filament, some aluminum, a 12 v power supply and some coding and voila there is a robot,

Learn how to use a cRIO. Dunno how much CAN you can use on a Raspberry pi (though you can buy some CAN boards for pretty cheap that mount on a pi). cRIOs are very useful for certain college engineering teams and are an all around useful to learn.

If you’re not using it for FRC, both the roboRIO and cRIO have programmable FPGAs. Learn to create FPGA designs in LabVIEW.

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