need in formation

i’m with team 1158 and we are a rookie team and need to know what happends when you go to Seattle and chosen to go to Houston and your team doesn’t have no more money? what will happend then?

It depends if you are talking about going to the Seattle and Houston Regionals or the Seattle Regional and the Houston Championships.

Both Regionals -

If you sign up for both regional events and don’t have funding to pay for registration and travel to the second regional you don’t get to go.

Regional and Championship -

First, to attend the Championship you need to meet the FIRST requirement to register for the event (see FIRST website). If you think you have a chance to “Win” the Seattle regional (regional winners qualify for Championship) I’d start fund raising NOW! It would be a shame to not be able to attend because your team hadn’t raised the fund to travel. And if you don’t need them you have a great head start on fund raising for the next year.