Need info for Xbox controller

Hi everyone, our team is looking into a xbox 360 controller for the second driver as an alternative to a joystick. We have always used joysticks so a xbox controller would be new to us. Before we go out and buy a controller, is there anything specific we need to know when buying one. Does it have to be an off-brand model or can it be the original controller manufactured and sold by microsoft? Of course it will have to be wired, but is there any other information we need before buying one. Any and all help and tips would be greatly appreciated.

 - Thanks from FIRST Team 3044 0xBE4!

Avoid one with fancy LEDs lighting it up or other power intensive features.
Game controllers that draw too much power have a high likelihood of ceasing to communicate with the laptop when laptop battery power starts to get low.

It must be a wired controller, not a wireless one like you said.

Can it be Microsoft’s controller or does it have to be an off-brand?

It can be any brand that you are able to install drivers for on your driver station PC. (So basically any Name brand or Off Brand)

Particularly, this one is popular as it is high quality at its cost:

I would avoid buying anything too cheap, as they indeed had to cut corners somewhere to get it down to that price point, and the last thing you want is for your perfectly competition ready robot to not work due to a joystick malfunction. (its happened, and it is NOT fun!)


Thank you for the help guys, good luck this season!