Need info on gears inside drill transmission.

I don’t have access to a drill transmission right now and probably won’t for a long time so I was hoping someone here could give me the specs on the gears inside the transmission. I need info on the planets and suns. Pitch (I assume 0.7 module), face width, tooth count, and bore. Thanks.

Also, for low gear, does it run only through one planetary set or both? I’ve taken them apart dozens of times but only for fixing and never really stopped to look at how it shifted.

I’m curious why you want this info. Are you trying to replicate the gear sets?

If you’re just trying to run another motor through the drill transmision, say the Fischer Price, I might know exactly how to do that and have prints ready to send you :wink: . We just pulled the drill gears using a bearing seperator and pin on an arbor press, then amade adapter shafts.

The reason I ask is as mentioned we adapted the drill trannies for use in this year’s bot because we needed the high reduction over a short distance/small space for the FP’s.

If I’m off base in my guess as to what you’re doing please let me knowlet me know.

I was just wondering what they were because I wanted to take them out of there and find another use for them. I didn’t have a specific use in mind, I was more just curious. I was thinking to maybe stick one on an FP, but not to run the FP through the drill tranny. Nonetheless, I would like to see some details or something on how you ran the FP through the drill tranny, it sounds intriguing.

If anyone does have the info on those gears, I sure would like to know.

Actually, this sounds really interesting to me. would you be willing to e-mail me those specs? I have no clue if we would ever even use something like that, but having more options is always good. Thank You

Thought THIS may help.It’s not for the motor directly but info on part numbers for the drill assembly and a place to order them rather cheaply.

Also, THIS PAGE on FIRST’s website may have some usefull specs as well you can look over.

I remembered that the powerpoint on disassembling that thing (on the first spec sheet page) shows the gears so I was able to count the teeth. It doesn’t look like any of them will work for what I had in mind. But I’m still glad I found out how many teeth they have. Maybe I’ll get a new idea.

Does anyone know if it is possible to take a gear with a certain bore, weld the bore closed with filler, and then drill a new bore that is smaller? Would this work? Or instead of welding, what about pressing in a pin and then re-drilling it out?

I have a whitepaper ready to post on how to adapt the FP to the dril. Had more time than I thought today. However, I need to post the print I made as a tif. This format is disallowed by the Delphi system. If I convert it to a JPG I lose too much resolution for it to be legible. If anyone can help with this please let me know.

Possible yes. Advisable no.

We made a stepped adapter shaft to accomplish this. One end presses into the pinnion gear and the other presses over the motor shaft. We have had no problems with this and I suggest it as an alternitive to what you mentioned above.