need info on team 263

I’ve been trying to contact team 263, but they don’t seem to have a web-page, or contact people, or anything on this board. I was just wondering if anyone could provide me with any info on how to get in touch them, or anything in general about their. thanks!


I don’t know any contact information for this team, but they’re from Long Island. They won first place at the Long Island regional along with my team (353) and teams 190, 533 and 250. They have some pics up in the gallery if you want to check them out. um, i actually looked just now, you can try to talk to: PyroPhin (that’s a chiefdelphi name…not sure who)

good luck, and looking foward to seeing you at the LI regional next week!


I’m down in Florida. I moved here from Long Island a few years back. I know there is a team near the town of Patchogue. I think that it is Verizon High School. Anyhow, my friend is going into a high school in Patchogue next year, can he join up with your team or another team within reasonable range of that? Thanks.


Patchogue-Medford (team 329) has a team in our 4th year, we took 2nd in the divisionals at the Nats last year. If he or anyone else wants to join, they are more than welcome!!!

That would be great. He is excellent in Programming, Engineering, and this kid is the best at Design. If you could please e-mail me ([email protected]) information on your team like e-mail’s, websites, where you build, etc. so I can pass them on to him cause he is VERY interested. Thanks again.

Ah…team 263, my old high school. I was on 263 for my first 2 FIRST years. ::reminices:: Anywho…team 263 is Sachem High School from Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, which is on Long Island. They’re website is: and their advisor is Carl Erickson. (I’ll try to dig up his email address) They are a 4 year team and are Regional Winners.

For pictures:



Hehe…hope this helps. I haven’t talked about my old team in a while. Nice trip down memory lane though. :slight_smile:


thanks so much for all the help! See ya at competition!

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hey!! i’m here!! :smiley: sorry, it’s a bit late though…