Need information - CAN Jaguars

I’ve been looking for about an hour now on finding all the information I can on CAN Jaguars, and so far I’ve just found that they are used for more precise, automated, controls versus the Victors linear control.

Could anyone help link me to more information on CAN Jaguars, pros and cons, anything? I’d like to know everything I can about it.

Side note: is there a way to make a drive system smoother to control in code (labview, preferrably) without using the CAN Jaguars?

Many thanks,

If smoother means to make the joystick less sensitive, you can look at a sign-preserving squared input or a cubic function. You can also do a lookup table or other mathematical functions. Search for other posts about joystick conditioning.

If you want a more linear motor controller, the here available controllers offer different responses. Again, search for details. But this isn’t just a SW fix.

Greg McKaskle

One of the biggest advantages to CAN to where we decided to use CANBus on our robot was that it allowed encoders to be put on it.
Also, it frees up PWM space.