need information

Is your team member in the competition line up diagnol from you or next to you in their player station

To My Understanding the Human Players are placed in the 4 corners of the field. Blue Human Players on the Blue side red Players on the Red side, Your co partner (Team) will be next to you your opponents will be across from u. Blue Robots Located on the red side ether side of the ramp (C or D) and Red Robots will be on the Blue Side either side of the ramp (A or B). Human Players I assume will be standing at the side of the field for the full 2 minutes match.

The human players start on the side during the 10 second at the beginning of the match. When the human players finished placing the stacks on the field, they go back to where they started, and activate the game by stepping on the mat.

Then the human players are allowed to go back to the drivers’ station. They should have 15 seconds to do so before the drivers get control of the robot again. So you don’t exactly have to leap over the instant the game begin ;).