Need input on Website

Hello FRC members I need some help. I’m currently becoming a senior on our team and have begun to try to inprove our website more to allow more accessibility for people to see who we are and get information. I would love to hear some input on what I can make our website better. Here is the website

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If none of your plugins or addons rely on xmlrpc, disabling it might be a good idea.

Reducing image sizes, or speeding up image serving would certainly make the website experience more smooth. It took over three for the images on one the meet the team pages to load


Also images on this page are huge. 13MB for a single image. It took over 15 seconds to load it.

Put your team name and numbers big on the front page. Perhaps under the team picture.

This might be just a mobile/tablet issue but the spacing doesn’t seem quite right:

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Regarding images of individuals:

There’s 2 sides, post or don’t post.

If post, definitely make it the same size. Headshots would probably be the easiest to do, while larger portraits would be best if the background was the same throughout.
Take inspiration from Everybot, 1678

Teams that don’t post may have an alternative – password protected:
254, 195;
118 just lists First L. for students, and First Last for mentors.

yes our website doesn’t work well on moble well. I’m currently still learning how to programming it to work well for moble as well

Same for desktop. Looks like you have line-height: 0.5; on h2 elements

Might be helpful to go with a mobile-first approach. I’ve found it to be much easier to worry about expanding the content than shrinking it.

Alright so idk if the problems with the wording and that may be due to a plugin that the old designer put in called BeaverBuilder. IDK if that might be causing the problems but…

In the file of skin-65a2d765824cb.css?ver=1.7.14, find the rule of

h2 {
    font-size: 10px;
    line-height: .5;
    letter-spacing: -3px

and change the value for line-height

Or remove the line-height from here. It is being set to 1.4 on all the headers elsewhere, but it is being overridden here.

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Did you mean welding?

“Apart” implies separateness with something, I’m guessing you wanted “a part” which signifies membership.