Need Mecanum Wheels

Hey everyone, we are looking to buy any spare 8 inch metal mecanum wheels. We need six of them and would like them to each carry at least 100 pounds. We are located in the Los Angeles area, thanks

You can buy them from andymark.

VexPro has plastic sets. The 8inch metal ones from andymark are pretty heavy.

Assuming 6 is to account for spares…

Andymark is currently out of stock until january 26. Are there any other places we can buy them?

Vex Pro…

He’s specifically looking for metal ones. Are concerned about the durability of the plastic ones? I’ve heard they’re pretty durable.

How about this

It’s a special order item so they likely just order it from andymark anyway.

Just FYI, 8" mecanums are back in stock at andymark!

**Where do you get your information??

Probably made up because he is a troll.

It’s your own fault if you drive on concrete and not expect any wheel to wear.

The particular spoonerism in question is a known troll around these parts, and has had several posts deleted.

The question remains - why six mecanum wheels?

6 wheel mecanum dropped center of course