Need more Steamworks? Now there's a podcast!

Over the last few weeks I, and my co-host Sam, have been stumbling through the first stages of creating a podcast. At the beginning of January we had the idea of providing almost-live, detailed converge of this season’s events. With tons of support from our team, team 236, we published our second episode! Our show, wFRC, is available on Soundcloud, Podbean, and soon iTunes.

Our weekly episodes, so far, have been focused on general advice for anyone and everyone, but as we move into competition season we hope to record from the competitions and upload the same day! We will be attending the Waterbury and Hartford CT events (3/3-3/5 and 3/31-4/2), the Northeast District Championship (fingers crossed), and St. Louis.

We are currently looking for people to talk to on the show (Skype) and to interview at competitions. If you are interested in doing this please send us an email We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading, we’ll see you at the competitions!

Dude sweet


I would like to interview you for my podcast. I just finished the recording of Episode 005 of the RoboCode podcast and you can listen to my podcast at:

Hold up, asking a podcast host to be interviewed on your podcast in a thread about their podcast? This is so meta

Good Evening Everyone,

I have published the 5th Episode of the RoboCode Podcast and you can access the episode with the URL listed below. I want to again thank all of the volunteers for this week and for sharing your thoughts and ideas about scouting. Please help me spread the word about the podcast and if you know anyone else that would like to be interviewed please have them contact me. Thank you once again and have a great season!