Need MySQL and PHP Server!

Hi! I’m Alicia from the #433 Firebirds. We started a FRC team in Ghana, Africa and the webdesigner Chris wrote this to me in an email:

"Alicia, i have started the coding but i want a software that i can download and use at home without having the internet, is there any Server i can download for PHP and MySQL, since i don’t have the internet service at home.

plss can you help me get one, it looks as if working without those programs are making the coding useless." would be a good place to host those things b/c its free, but he needs an internet connection

anybody have any ideas? I really want him to have all of this for free, either an internet connection or some server he can download at home. If not, can you suggest the best rate for all of these things. Thanks! It means a lot :smiley:

There are several options out there. You might want to look up what it takes to run STAMP scouting, since it required PHP and MySQL. If he were to download it and run it on his local machine, the IP just becomes localhost (or

He can use XAMPP to run it all from his personal computer for testing purposes:

You could also just download Apache and PHP and MySQL, Perl, etc. and run them as services on your local machine (which is basically what those other ones mentioned before my post do…except those run as packages - which I don’t really like).

Tutorials Available Here

He’ll obviously need the internet to download the files themselve though and a way to transport them to his PC.

Maybe try pointing him here if he needs any help? :slight_smile:

I did this a while ago. See this thread.

I would also highly suggest XAMPP, it also has a great interface to work with and is very easy to setup.

Just an idea for you guys;
If you look into the new Ubuntu Linux that was just released, download the server install cd… This gives you the option of installing a LAMP server (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). This uses a barebones linux install giving you all the functionality you need to run STAMP.

Upside is that this is all free software, downside is you need to have some linux experience to get it going. I can offer the suggestion of running Webmin for configuration purposes. If any of you would like to undertake this project and need some assistance please feel free to contact me. I’m always excited to open new people up to Linux.

Ubuntu Server
My Stamp Server (work in process)

I do all my test work from a server on my desktop computer. PHP4 (, IIS5 (standard on Windows XP computers if you know where to find it), and MySQL.
I’m sure there are better ways to do it, but if you’re interested in this setup PM me and I’ll send you more details.

I also use IIS and it works fine, but some of the functions don’t work so that may be something to watch out for (because it doesn’t mean the code is wrong).

also if apache is not working for you tryabyssweb server. it uns on a very small footprint (800k-3000k of memory normally) and adding php and mysql is quite simple just follow the instructions on their website

Does this person have a laptop? If not, how will he download these free softwares from the internet?

With IIS, if you’re having errors with PHP functions working, the first thing I’d check is that you’re using the appropriate functions for your version of PHP. Example, certain functions no longer exist in PHP 5 and some have been added. Another thing I’d try is editing the php.ini file in your windows directory for IIS (I think it’s probably in a subfolder, but I haven’t done this one in a while) and enable the errors and warnings. That’ll tell you anything you need to know - and unfortunately more - about why your code isn’t working.

here is a list of web servers (that can be used locally) haven’t tried them all but I’ve heard a few good things about each of them:

Abyss -
Apache -
Apache2Triad -
HTTP File Server -
Sambar -
Savant -
SimpleServer:WWW -
Smart Cache -
TinyWeb -
Xitami -

abyss is also here also abyss is a great server. it runs on about 2.5-3 mb of ram and almost no processor usage. i havde used it for 2 years now and its a good testing server.

Don’t forget lighttpd

If you have XP Pro installed (and still have the install disk…) you can install IIS as well. I’ve been trying to find my disk for a while, and I’m going to have it running on a second test server.

For the record, if you have Windows 2000 you can also do this, or if you have Windows 2000/XP Home you can successfully hack it into a Home installation.

I had a bit of trouble getting it all to work, but now that I have it all configured right, XAMPP-lite has been working like a charm for me. It’s definitely better than EasyPHP, which is what I was using before.

YES! XAMPP is a PAIN to setup. But its probably one of the best free servers there is once setup!

Keeps away from the evil IIS (Windows Apache Mysql).

Moderate in setup difficulty, and there are a huge number of hosting packages that are apache/mysql combinations. Apache has a larger web hosting base than any other httpd, and has been claimed to have more than all others combined (only partially true).