Need New Fundraising Ideas!

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any fun, creative ideas for a new fundraiser or mystery theatre? Thanks for your help!! :slight_smile:

In the past, our team sold chocolate bars, and first aid kits. It proved very profitable ie: $700.00 CDN. There are actually companies that specialize in supplying similar products for fundraising. Try searching the internet.

hi! will add our 2cents. we do fundraising year round and as of today have raised about 17K. we have a car wash each month (more than that and it gets old real fast). we sell candy. we do gift wrapping at the mall during christmas break. we hooked up with a travel agent who let us sell luncheon/cruise ship tour tickets (we made all of the profit) we hosted a golf tournament. we’ve done the murder/mystery dinner theater along with our drama dept (they did the acting - we supplied the food - usually donated by a local business) and both groups sold tickets. we give lots of presentations at local civic organizations that usually donate money. this year, a group has asked us to selll 5$ raffle tickets (we keep 4 and they get 1 back) they buy the items and it works for everyone.

hope that helps

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My team also does fund raisers year round, all of which are very succesfull. Last year we set up a coffee shop in our schools main hallway and sold coffee every wednday. It was very profitable, untill our school’s lunchladdies found out about and flipped out because they said it violated their contract with the school (we’ll get our revenge!). We also do car washes which are very succesfull. Another fundraiser we do is run robot games at fairs and other events. We use robots from passed years, make up a game, and charge 2 dollars a play. We make tons of money from running games. We also sell coffee mugs. We got custom team 293 coffee mugs and sell them for 12 dollars each. We’ve sold TONS of them and have made lots of money. We recently used some of our fundraising money to buy a digital read-out for our mill.

THANKS FOR THE INFORMATION on FUNDRAISING!!! umm… We were wondering what type of murder/mystery theater you did…please send us back some information!!!

THANK YOU :smiley:
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we’ve done 3 so far. the first one was very generic (someone stole a part of the robot- we got to show off our robot) but the last 2 were true muder mysteries. the drama dept wrote them (or the teacher found copies to use) we put it on in the cafeteria. all food was donated. we (drama and robotics) each made about 750 per night. if you email ([email protected]) i’ll look for some of the scripts. send your address

This kinda works good, so far this year we have made over $200. We had one parent bring in a giant cooler and keeps it stocked with soda cans and ice to keep them really cold. We buy them for 50 cents (which is a really good deal since the vending machine is 60 cents). 25 cents goes toward keeping it filled and the other 25 cents goes to the team.

i happened to wander in here browsing around, :] and some of your fundraising ideas sound great. my team only has about 3 really good sponsors, and lets face it it isn’t enough. we did manage to get a grant from MIT-Lemlson as an invent team however so we’re entering another six-week build right about now. :ahh: i’d rather not have to do that every year however. we do a ziti dinner every month or two, it serves as a fundraiser for the team and lets the community see what we’ve been up to. candy is kind of tight for us though. the band (which i’m part of too) pretty much dominates, having both hershey’s and mars brand candy bars (everthing from skittles and m&m’s to twix) and our peer leadership corps does wonka and cadbury candy (gobstoppers, runts, caramelos) what other brands can we look to for testing? :confused:

Our team has held car washes, sold Tupperware, Avon, bulbs (as in flowers), hold pancake breakfasts and ziti dinners through out the year. We also have held bottle and can drives, take-a-chance raffles, and bake sales. We do this year round, not just the six weeks.

[EDIT] Our team has also held tag sales with donated items and performed can shakes outside local supermarkets. We also sold hometown cards for $10. These cards were good for one year and got the bearer of the card discounts at local stores. The last one I remembered was our first year we held a smash-for-cash. We had a local junkyard donate an intact '85 Buick Century. They delivered it and picked up the remains, or carcus of it, since everyone was taking pieces for soveniers. I broke a 16 pound sledgehammer on it…that Buick put up a good fight! :smiley:

One thing that my Explorer post does for rasing money is we hold a competition against other local groups and sell tickets to watch. I.E. Our town Fire Post against the Police town post in basketball, or our nieghboring Fire Post insoftball is another big one. Plus its sets a venue for you to sell food and stuff. We raise anywhere from $500 to $1000 dollars depending on attraction and sponsors. Also we do a breakfast with Santa during Chirstmas time ($1000-$1500) and a breakfastst with the Easterbunny ($500-$1000)

Besides who wouldn’t pay to watch two groups of geeks go at in full contact football? :yikes:

Does anyone have any ideas for a team with a town of 3000 people?
most of the ideas you already posted would have worked however they are already being used by other groups.

I spent the first day of my spring Break Calling 54 companys for sponsership. Three of those companys called me back and i did a short little presentation for them. This is how 0979 got our money for nats :smiley:

Some new ideas that will take some work but are unique and fun.

  1. Become a "mystery shopper"and donate your earnings to the team. Could work as a family fundraiser. One of the largest companies is Maritz Research., 1-800-782-4299. Once you are in their database, they will list opportunities on their site by proximity to zip code. They are looking for your opinions. Not big bucks, but flexible and sometimes fun. There are lots of other companies that do this. You need to do some research.
  2. I’m just organizing the first of what I hope to be many, team and school “taste testings.” Large company wants consumer opinions. This time it is chips ( when I lived in England, they were called “crisps” :slight_smile: ). Takes 5 minutes/person. Look around at any food corporations in your area and approach them. Permissions are usually needed for those under 18, so need to have adult as well as student involvement.
    Good luck!

Our students have had pasta dinners, sold Papa John’s Pizza Kits (yum), Butter Braids (also yummy), Pies at Thanksgiving, Entertainment Books. We’ve had car washes and bottle/can collections (what’s the “can shake” from an earlier post???). Our town has an annual townwide tag sale (garage or yard sale) and we joined in and earned close to $500 at it. Our adults recruited friends and co-workers and we staffed several concession stands at our new football stadium. (We earned several thousand dollars doing that, but it was a LOT of DIFFICULT work and our students could not be a part of it.)

One of our students has been researching fundraising and just presented the team with a list of 45 ideas for us to research this summer!

We only do ONE fundraiser a year and thats a golf tournament. It normally brings in $15,000, but this year we got $23,000. For more information go here . The best part about our fundraiser is that it not only paid for our trip to Lone Star and Atlanta, but we also recieved cash back to spend during the trip. I hoped this helps.

While i was in Annapolis, I spoke to the team from Immaculata High School in Somerset, NJ (sadly I can’t remember their team number…12 something) about fundraising. They told me about how a group of students gets together outside of local stores and sell sodas and such. They talk about how it’s for a good cause, and nearly everyone buys a soda or brownie or whatever else they happen to be selling that day. I know when my team does car washes, and we talk about FIRST and the good cause people tend to give us an extra $5 or $10. So make sure to hype up FIRST and get your potential customers interested in the cause and you’ll be that much more successful.

I wonder…would it be illegal to sell girl scout cookies as a fundraiser? :yikes:

Girl scout cookies? probably.

FIRST scout cookies? definitely. just get your team’s scout to approve 'em. autograph 'em, even.

Ah, another time that calls for FIRST water…I really think we should hoard the stuff in atlanta next year.

every year, our team sells our customary Hawaiian shirts, and they are usually one of our biggest fund raisers. just find something that is cool, but that most people don’t have already.

Our team sells candy in local businesses. We purchase the candy in wholesale lots from a local distributor. By purchasing it wholesale and in bulk we’re able to make a 50% profit on some of it.